Ludza Town Library is a culture, information and education institution of Ludza Town Council. The library creates, keeps and systematizes the stock of books, periodicals, electronic and other documents, as well as provides the accumulated information usage possibilities for Ludza district inhabitants and guests.

In its work the Library follows the Constitution, the Law on Libraries, the Law on Self-governments and other laws of the LR, regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, other normative acts, decisions and instructions of Ludza Town Council, Regulations on Library usage and the Library Statute.

Ludza Town Library serves Ludza Town and district inhabitants and guests.

Statistical data

Statistical data of the Library as of January 1, 2016:

  • Number of readers – 2770
  • Number of visits – 38020
  • Number of issues- 86475
  • Stock – 54020There are 19 employees in the Library:
  • Director
  • Methodist
  • 13librarians
  • 1 book restorer
  • 1 database engineer
  • 2 cleaners

3 employees have higher librarian education. 2 employees have higher education in other spheres. 6 employees have secondary professional librarian education. 6 employees were trained according to the programme of professional improvement “Library Science and Information, Library Development Directions in the Information Society” (160 hours) in the Centre of continuing education for librarians of the Department of Library Science and Information Science of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Latvia.


The Library’s stock is being prepared for the automated issue/receiving process. With help of the library system ALISE the electronic readers’ and books’ catalogues are being created, bar-codes are being assigned to the books.

The Library cooperates with all libraries of Latgale region, Association of Ludza district school libraries, Ludza History Museum, Ludza Town Gymnasium and Ludza Secondary School #2, Ludza Youth Centre, Ludza Red Cross, Ludza Agency of Country Tourism, book-shops “Sākums A, Ltd” and “Gaisma, Ltd”, newspapers “Ludzas zeme” and “Vietējā Latgale Avīze” and Rēzekne District Council.

Ludza Town Library is located on the first floor of Ludza Town Club.

The Department of Book Acquisition and Processing

The Department of Book Acquisition and Processing is responsible for new book purchase, processing and distribution in the Library’s stock, as well as for writing off old literature and supplementing the stock with missing literature.

The Library receives books from different resources: it buys them for the money, which is assigned by Ludza Town Council; it receives books in the framework of projects of the State Culture Capital Fund and as donations from different institutions and people.

In this Department the electronic book catalogue of all books of Ludza district libraries is being created; later it will be available on the Internet.

The Readers’ Servicing Department


The Readers’ Servicing Department consists of the Lending Department, the Reading Room, the Internet Room and the Interlibrary Lending Department. The Lending department offers different field literature and fiction in Latvian and Russian, there is a little literature in English, German, etc. The librarians will always be happy to help you to find any necessary information. Books are lent for home reading.

Thematic exhibitions are regularly organised at the Lending Department. On the 1th day of every month there is the Day of new books.

The Reading Room


In the Reading Room you can get acquainted with Newspapers and magazines – they are kept for at least 3 years; here different reference materials are available: encyclopaedias, manuals and teaching books.

The Reading Room also possesses files on various actual topics, literature about people from Ludza district and their books.

The Internet Room

The Internet Room provides internet usage possibilities: access to the Lursoft database, different information on CDs.

Paid services include white-black and colour printing, copying, scanning, fax, binding and usage of Microsoft Office programmes.

With help of the Interlibrary Lending Department it is possible to order books, magazines and articles from the Latvian National Library and other libraries.

The Information Point about the European Union is located in the Lending Department, the Reading Room and the Internet Room.