Pitelis Lake

pitelisLake Pītelis (Lake Pīteļa) is located in the Zilupes plain, in Līdumnieki parish of Cibla municipality on the border between Latvia and Russia. It is at 107.6 m above sea level.

Oval form. The shores are low, peaty, in the eastern part the shores are sandy. The bottom of the lake is even and sludgy. In the western part of the lake there is Zabolotjes Marsh; 1.2 km2 of the lake are included into Klešniku marsh reserve, Gulbju and Platpirovas marsh cranberry reserve. It is a dystrophic marshy lake; although the lake is shallow, the level of eutrophication is insignificant, because the algae do not have many nutrients. The marsh ditches got obstructed and overgrown. There is an outflow to the Robežas River and the Zilupe River.  

Area: 3.47 km2 , in Latvia: 1.38 km2

Length: 2.5 km, max. width: 2.0 km.

Average depth: 1.3 m, max. depth: 2.2 m.

Basin: 58.9 km2 (the lake belongs to the basin of the Velikaya River)



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