Gulbinkas Bog is a transition bog, located in the middle of Zvirgzdene community of Cibla municipality.

Area: 238 ha.

In 1977, the nature reserve “Gulbinkas purvs” was established. It occupies 114 ha.

Legend about Gulbinkas Bog

In ancient times between hills of Zvirgzdene and Muizinieki villages, where there is a bog now, there used to be a lake – a God’s gifted goblet with crystal pure water. There were swans there; in summer the lake was adorned with water lilies, on the sandy shores reed and rush rustled.

Once in a wonderful Sunday morning the lady of Zvirgzdene manor and her suite decided to go boating on the lake. Weather was quiet. The lake was still like a mirror. The boats were gliding among water lilies. The leaves were still damp after the night. The lady wanted to have a flower. When she reached for a water lily, a bunch of keys slipped out of her pocket and fell into the lake waters ruffling the water and splashed water on her face. The lady closed her eyes in disgust. She felt rage.

She ordered her servants to look for the keys. They searched for the keys for a long time, till the sunset, they ruffled sand and sludge, but found nothing. Night was falling. The lady became angrier. She uttered vexedly:

– Damn you! Begone!

The cursed lake became shallow. Reed and sharp sedge spread all around. Small islands appeared. Mutilated birches and pine trees covered the islands. Cranberries got sown; they gave rich harvest for birds of passage every autumn.

Very soon there was nothing left, but a bog. The islands joined creating dangerous pools. Only the deepest place of the former lake in the south-east did not overgrow. Now it is often called a lake eye. They say that there are 300 year old pikes in there. But the dangerous bog does not allow to approach this place and sucks everyone who comes to pick up berries.

(Story by Marija Tretjakova; recorded by Antonija Tretjakova).   

Trojanovskis Viktors. Ludzas zeme:rajona daba, vēsture, šodiena.– Ludza: Ludzas rajona padome, 2004.– 291-292 pp.