Gulbju Bog (Ļebedinca Bog) is a raised bog in the basin of the Zilupe River (the north-eastern part of the bog stretches to Russia).

Area: 1,108 ha

Average depth of the peat layer: 3 m, the deepest: 7 m

Total deposit of peat: 33 mil. m3

Up to 1.5 m deep peat split only a little, under it there is up to 1.2 m thick sapropel layer. The bog is open, overgrown with sparse pine trees. In the north there is an outflow – the Robeža River, in the southern part the bog waters flow to the Kurjanka River. The north-eastern part is marshy, there is Lake Ļebedinca (7.1 ha). The bog is included into the cranberry plantation reserve – Gulbju and Platpirovas bogs.


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