Kreiču Bog is located in the east of Latvia, about 18 km from Ludza. It is in Zilupes plain, in Goliševa community of Kārsava municipality and Blonti community of Cibla municipality.

Area: 3,830 ha; the eastern part of the bog is a raised bog (2,476 ha); in the western part there is a quaking bog (1,354 ha).

Average depth of the peat layer: 3.3 m; the deepest: 6.5 m

Total deposit of peat: 78.2 mil. m3.

In the raised bog there is sapropel. The raised bog is open and marshy. The quaking bog is overgrown with osiers and birches. About 230 ha were drained – this area is overgrown with forest.

In 1999 the nature reserve “Kreiču purvs” was established.


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