Peikstuļnīcas-Salas Bog is a low bog in Kārsava and Balvi municipalities, on the Adzele elevation.

Area: 7,606 ha (in Kārsava municipality – 7,426 ha)

The average depth of the peat layer is 1.1 m; the deepest layer is at 6 m.

Total deposit of peat: 72.6 mil. m3.

Peat is medium and well decayed; under the peat there is sapropel. The bog emerged in the dale of the Iča River and its tributaries. The bog consists of several parts: Peikstuļnīcas Bog (~3,220 ha), Salnavas Bog (~1,780 ha), Francsalas Bog (~470 ha) and Soloviču Bog (~150 ha). Open ditches and the drainage system dried 2,538 ha, which is used as meadows and pasture. Forest occupies 3,755 ha.


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