Salinīku-Brižovkas Bog is located about 4 km north-eastwards from Kārsava, on the Mudavas lowland.

Area: 1,985 ha; 1,748 ha is a transition; 237 ha is a low bog.

The average depth of the peat layer is 1.4 m; the deepest layer is at 2.9 m

Total deposit of peat: 25.7 mil. m3

The largest part of the peat is medium and well decayed; under the peat there is sapropel. Along the southern side of the bog there is the Rītupe River. 190 ha were dried with the drainage system and open ditches. Now they are used for meadows and pasture. More than 50% of the bog is covered by forest. The bog is crossed by a dam from the north to the south.


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