Vindrižu Bog (Platpirovas Bog) is located westwards from Ludza, close to the border with Russia; on the Zilupes valley.

Area: 720 ha; the largest part of the bog is a raised bog (465 ha); 160 ha are occupied by a low bog (mainly in the eastern part).

The average depth of the peat layer is 1.8 m; the deepest layer is at 5 m.

Total deposit of peat: 10.5 mil. m3

Peat of the raised bog is little decayed at depth of 1 m; in deeper layers it is medium and well decayed. Under the peat there is sapropel. Peat in the transition and low bogs is well decayed.

1.5 km eastwards there is the Zilupe River. Along the northern side of the bog there is the border. 24 ha of the bog are covered with forest, in the rest of the bog there are sparse pine trees. 415 ha are included into the reserve of cranberry plants “Gulbju and Platpirovas Bog”.


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