Zabolotjes Bog (Klešniku Bog) is located by the border between Russia and Latvia, in the Zilupes valley.

Area: 2,197 ha; the largest part (1,720 ha) is a raised bog; 412 ha – a transitions bog; in the northern part there is a low bog (65 ha).

The average depth of the peat layer is 3.7 m; the deepest layer is at 7.8 m.

Total deposit of peat: 76.6 mil. m3

Peat of the raised bog is little decayed at depth of 3 meters; deeper it is medium and well decayed; under the peat there is sapropel. Peat in the transition and low bogs is medium and well decayed. The bog emerged in a hollow, when land became wet; but a part of the bog appeared as a result of lake overgrowing with grass. The largest part of the bog is open, with sparse pine trees. The area of 1,736 ha is a natural reserve of Klešniku Bog.


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