Grebla kalns dabas taka 9919 1Grebļa Hill or Kausa Hill is located in Pasiene parish of Zilupe municipality. You will find it driving 2 km along the road Šķaune-Zilupe by Meikšāni, then turn to the rural road going to Šeški after 1.4 km is the bottom of Grebļa Hill.

Since 1957 it has been a botanic reserve – 212.3 ha.

This 5.4 km long drumlin on the north-eastern shore of Lake Pintu rises 30 m above the surrounding forests and marshes. The slopes are steep, the summit is 5-7 m wide, and the bottom is 50-150 m wide. On both sides of the southern end of the hill there are lakes: in the east – Lake Šešku, and in the west – Lake Pintu.













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Photo: archives of “Ludzas tūrisma aģentūra, Ltd”