karatavu.kalnsKarātavu Hill is located in Mērdzene parish of Kārsava municipality, westwards from the road from Kārsava to Mērdzene, 200 m northwards from the crossing of the roads Kārsava-Mērdzene and Mērdzene-Stiglova. Karātavu Hill is a drumlin, stretching from the north to the south; it is 60×130 m large and 25 m high. It is saddle-shaped with elevations in the northern and southern ends. The former punishment place is the highest summit in the surroundings; at the southern end a square basement of a tower still remains. 5 m northwards from the basement there are several stones of the diameter of 0.5 m. On the south-western slope there are some terraces, but it is impossible to define whether they are natural or artificial. There is no the cultural layer.

When constructing the road, the eastern slope was dug. Now this part is overgrown with trees and bushes.

Karātavu Hill is a former punishment place; it is a cultural monument of local importance. 

Archive of Ludza district department of the State Inspection for Heritage Protection


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