naudaskalns 1Naudaskalns Hill is located in Salnava parish of Kārsava municipality, 4 km north-westwards from Kārsava. Naudaskalns is 4.5 km long, up to 2.0 km wide; it is ditch-shaped massif with slightly hilly, almost flat surface and rough slopes.

It is one of the most peculiar glacier tectonic relief formations in Latvia. The centre of Naudaskalns Hill consists of piles of dolomite plates (partly split and grinded) with clay layers; it is covered with deformed sand and gravel; on the slopes there is rocky moraine loamy soil.

The crest of the hill is overgrown with birch and spruce trees; there are also some broad-leaved trees; the slopes are cultivated and relatively densely inhabited. Beautiful landscape opens up from the top of Naudaskalns Hill.



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