019 Parks DSC01502In the beginning of the 20th century after opening of the railway Ribinsk-Moscow-Vindava (Ventspils) and Ludza Railway Station, construction on the free land at P.Miglinieka Street. A considerable plot of land southwards from Kalnu Street (today – Raiņa Street) remained untouched. That land was bought in the 19th century by Boginskis, who planted an orchard. It was inherited by Šepillo, who handed it over to Tekla Šantare. She married Rusinovksis. Unfortunately Rusinovski’s large and fruitful orchard was destroyed by the frost of the pre-war winter in 1939-1940. Only some old lime trees, oaks and larches survived, where were growing mainly along the eastern part of the orchard.

Later many sorts of trees and bushes were planted here. Now in the park there are birches, lime-trees, maple trees, oaks, oaky maples, willows, aspen trees, poplar, rowan trees, cedars, Greek trees, flattering elms, elms, spruces, silver spruces, larches, pine-trees, thuja, chestnut-trees, apple trees, pear trees, acacia, lilacs, jasmine, dog rose.

022 Veco liepu aleja - 2Pjotrs Stolbošinskis – the former specialist of greening of the town – contributed much to the park maintenance and development. It was continued by Viktors Vaskāns, who created elegant flower beds and rock gardens with harmonized flower compositions. Small hills were encircled by lime mortars thus transforming to beautiful park landscape elements. The park looks particularly gorgeous in summer verdure and in autumn gold clothes.   




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