Naudaskalna stone is the largest stone in Kārsava municipality. It is located in Salnava parish, on a side of the road going from Kārsava town to Salnava village. It is 0.2 km to the left, on the hill by the houses behind the Naudaskalna cemetery.  

The stone consists of coarse-grained granite. 80% of the stone is covered with moss. Eastwards and westwards from the stone there are holes that were left by treasure hunters. The stone is of irregular shape. Its western part is steep, the southern side is sloping, the eastern side is a sloping facet, and the northern side is a hill side with a slight negative overhang. The stone is rived with small cracks. The size of the stone: length – 4.5 m, width – 4 m, height at the hill side is only 1.6 m, but at the bottom it is 4.0 m, perimeter – 14.70 m, volume – 24 m3.