Plisunas dizakmens 12835 1Plusona(Plisūna) Boulder can be found in Istra parish of Ludza municipality on the southern shore of Plisūns Lake. It has been a protected geologic monument since 1977. The witness of the glacier has an imposing size: 5.2 x 5; 1 x 2.6 m; perimeter – 17 metres; volume – 43 m3

Plisūna boulder is a geological and geomorphologic nature monument.


People are still telling a funny story about the boulder (teller – Jeļena Budženoka; recorded by Marina Puhova) – “Musician on the stove”.

Once in winter a man was going from Vecsloboda village to Čerņauski village. By Plisūns Lake he met a stranger, who told him:

– Listen, musician! Come to my house, I’ve got an accordion, you’ll play, we’ll have fun!

The musician was happy to hear it, and went with the stranger to Dunduri village across the lake.

Both of them entered the house, put the clothes off, the musician took the accordion and started to play. His skilful fingers elicited mournful and merry melodies from the instrument. When it seemed that it was time to go home, the host asked the musician to stay over. The guest took his boots and puttees off and put them on the stove to dry, and then he stretched himself and fell asleep.

After some time chilling cold woke the musician. He was shivering and chattering. The frozen man looked around and was surprised to see that he was lying on the huge Plisūna boulder that resembled the Russian stove. The musician started to search for the accordion, but he did not find anything. There was just an old snag.

The musician put his clothes on quickly and ran back across the lake without understanding what had happened. 


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