Ludza Town Children Library

In 1947 in Ludza District Library the Children Department was opened.

On July 1, 1949 Ludza Town Children Library was founded. It was located in K. Marx Street 5 (now it is a dwelling house). Its first manager was Jevģēnija Tiatko.

The first data about the library’s stock are from 1951, when the library was managed by Valentīna Paņkova-Pavlovska. The library contained 6,698 books and it had 980 readers.

During its existence the library has changed its location for 6 times. Since 1993 it has been at Stacijas Street 41. These premises are friendly shared by the Children Library, the Town Library and the Town Club.

In 1971 the library became the District Children Library.

In 1974, when the system of libraries was centralised, it became the District Central Children Library.

On May 1, 1993 it was renamed once more into Ludza District Children Library and since 1997 it has been Ludza Town Children Library.

In the Lending Department of 1st – 4th forms, where users are 414 children, everyday serious and particularly funny requests and questions are heard.

More constructive atmosphere dominates in the older children’s Lending department. There are 545 readers there. In the reading room there are 12 places and 471 permanent readers. Their curiosity is satisfied by title magazines and title journals.